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Expungement is the legal process of erasing an arrest or conviction of a felony or misdemeanor from a person’s criminal record. If probation terms have been completed, the court may grant an expungement. If a felony cannot be cleared from the record, it may be possible to have it reduced to a misdemeanor. The process requires specific filings and can take several months. A motion is filed with the court where sentenced, the district attorney, and in some cases the probation department.


Expungement is an excellent opportunity to close a chapter on a past mistake. It gives one the capability to move forward in life no longer having to disclose a criminal record. Especially during these though economic times, a background check has become a necessity in securing a job, housing, or even volunteering at a community function. Expungement is as if the crime never existed by sealing the records and making them no longer publicly available.

Under certain circumstances the conviction is still accessible, but only to the courts and law enforcement. There are specific requirements under law in order to qualify for an expungement, and our legal team can quickly determine how to best proceed and whether your record can be sealed. How you have lived your life since the conviction has much to do with qualifying for an expungement, and that all aspects of the case have been fully resolved, such as fines paid, community service completed, and probation completed successfully, as an example. One cannot be under any other legal action when asking to expunge a criminal conviction.


Clearing your criminal record will depend upon several factors, in order for you to qualify for expungement:

• At least 1 year must have passed since your conviction
• You must have no intervening arrests; a clean record
• All aspects of sentencing and punishment for your previous conviction must have been served and carried out

Expungement may be approved or denied depending upon the severity and type of your conviction, your age at the time (whether you were a minor or adult), and whether you were imprisoned or placed on probation.


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