Drug Crimes


Orange County, San Diego, Los Angeles, Riverside and San Bernardino have some of the top narcotics task forces in the country, both state and federal.

California is a border state, therefore particular attention is paid to the area in regard to the importation of illegal substances through the border, as well as the distribution of illegal substances throughout Southern California. There are multiple “sting” operations and investigations in progress at all times, and individuals who are caught in the net of law enforcement on drug charges face a serious legal situation.

Although lawmakers have greatly decriminalized the possession of small amounts of marijuana, when an individual is found with any amount above the restrictions (28.5 grams) they will face criminal charges. In cases in which individuals have been cultivating marijuana, any amount being cultivated will result in a felony charge. In cases of large amounts of marijuana, either in cultivation or in possession, the charge is usually possession with the intent to distribute (or traffic). A conviction of a marijuana possession charge can result in years spent in state prison, particularly in cases in which over 1000 lbs. of marijuana is found. These cases are often tried in federal court.

Other types of drug crimes that can cause serious damage to the individual if they are convicted include possession of any amount of a “Schedule 1” narcotic substance such as heroin, cocaine, LSD, ecstasy, meth or drug on the list. If you are found to possess one of these drugs, it is likely that you will face a felony offense, depending upon the amount and type of drug found. No drug crime case should be handled without a skilled criminal defense FIRM fighting on your behalf. The Law Offices of Christopher Zander & Associates have a legal team that handles all types of drug crimes, including the most serious of criminal drug crime cases. Our FIRM is known for its hard-hitting and aggressive approach to criminal defense, and you can be assured that no stone will be left unturned when looking for a defense strategy in your case, either for illegal drugs or prescription drugs.

Ensuring that your rights regarding search and seizure were not violated is an important aspect of any drug crime case, as well as all the details on police procedure. When violations occur, they can be exploited on behalf of the client by filing court motions challenging to suppress evidence illegally obtained. We work with private investigators, lab technicians, and forensic experts to expose mistakes in the collection of evidence, execution of a search warrants, unconstitutional car stops, and questionable interrogation techniques. Our FIRM is prepared to review and evaluate your case and to advise you of your options.


The Law Offices of Christopher Zander & Associates has many years of experience handling the following types of drug and narcotic offenses:

• Possession of Drugs
• Drug Sales
• Manufacturing of Drugs
• Drug Trafficking
• Drug Distribution
• Drug Transportation
• Federal Drug Crimes
• Drug Cultivation / Grow House
• Drug Paraphernalia
• Drug Conspiracy

Some of the drugs considered illicit and illegal to possess include:

• Cocaine
• Crack Cocaine
• Ecstasy
• Heroin
• Methamphetamine
• Prescription Drugs
• Marijuana

The penalties for these offenses can include large monetary fines, probation, mandatory attendance in a drug counseling/rehabilitation program, and lengthy jail or prison sentences. In some cases, with a conviction of a serious drug crime, you will also forfeit your assets if it is determined they were purchased with illegally gained funds.


Drug crime convictions will affect your criminal record, and in the case of a felony conviction, will severely limit your ability to get a job in the future, or purchase a home or vehicle. There is a big impact to your personal and professional life in the aftermath of a conviction, and you could continue to suffer consequences for months or years. In the event that you have been arrested for a drug crime, it is in your best interest to seek high quality legal representation in order to improve your chances of getting a favorable case outcome.


Federal and state law allows the government to seize any assets or property it believes were acquired with proceeds from illegal drug activity. When a forfeiture proceeding is initiated, your assets may be seized and your bank accounts frozen. Consequently, criminal forfeiture can cause substantial problems for people trying to pay household bills, and also finance their defense. At the Law Offices of Christopher Zander & Associates, our attorneys act to immediately challenge criminal forfeitures, consulting forensic accountants who can challenge the allegations of the government.


Prescription medication is often forgotten about when it comes to people’s ideas regarding drug use or abuse. As a controlled substance, it is legal for a person to take a drug that has been prescribed by their practicing physician. Unlike drugs such as marijuana or cocaine that are illegally used recreationally, prescription drugs have been approved and suggested by an attending doctor. However, the legality of such cases comes into question when someone other than who the medication was intended for is caught in possession of the substance.

California Health and Safety Code 11350 provides that possession of a controlled substance is illegal if the individual in possession is not the same person named on the prescription. It does not matter what the medication is, if you are found with the drug or if you have been involved in the sale or distribution of the medication, you should immediately seek the help from the Law Offices of Christopher Zander & Associates.


The Law Offices of Christopher Zander & Associates have rightfully earned the reputation of being the toughest, most knowledgeable, and aggressive drug crimes defense attorneys in all of Southern California. Our FIRM handles the most difficult DRUG cases in the courts of Orange County, Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Riverside and San Diego. Our goal is to ALWAYS WIN YOUR case – we settle for nothing less.


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